In December 2019, the roaring sound of high-performance engines echoed through the picturesque Aamby Valley as Boit Club organized the iconic Aamby Valley Run. This exclusive event was designed for true petrolheads and supercar aficionados, drawing a convoy of 20-25 magnificent supercars to the valley.

The highlight of the day was the adrenaline-pumping drag experience that pushed these supercars to their limits, leaving tire marks and unforgettable memories on the tarmac. The excitement wasn't just limited to the drivers; lucky young enthusiasts got the thrill of a lifetime by sitting inside these supercar beasts.

The Aamby Valley Run was more than just a racing event; it was an unforgettable celebration of speed, power, and luxury. As the sun set, the action on the track transitioned into a night of hospitality and camaraderie at a luxurious resort. This event remains etched in the memories of all who attended, and whispers about a possible next edition continue to circulate among the supercar community.

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