From casual local drives, trackdays, and exclusive events that bring together like-minded enthusiasts, to awe-inspiring global supercar experiences that take you to iconic destinations in the lap of luxury. Boit Club curates unforgettable moments that empower you to get behind the wheel. Within India and globally, we offer a range of exclusive supercar lifestyle events, including driving tours, private jet and yacht charter, glamorous F1 experiences, and more, in collaboration with trusted partners.

Additionally, we specialize in supercar procurement and selling. Whether you're a first-time buyer or an experienced fleet owner, we offer personalized assistance to ensure a remarkable supercar trading experience.

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Our Focus

Boit Registry - #Supercarsmadesupereasy

In India, the acquisition of supercars is accompanied by unique challenges, including high import duties, stringent regulations, excessive taxes, and limited infrastructure. Boit Club recognized this and aimed to introduce a new level of utility and accessibility to these remarkable machines that often remain idle and face depreciation. We understand the intricacies of sourcing, maintaining, and reselling supercars. Our team is dedicated to simplifying the ownership experience for our clients, providing a seamless and convenient way to enjoy their prized possessions.

Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned fleet owner, our mission at BOIT is to provide personalized assistance and a seamless supercar journey. We offer the level of involvement required by you and a standard of execution that we ourselves desired. We simplify your life, offering visualization for your next car mod or representation in dealing with dealers and workshops. We provide support in maintaining your fleet and securing bespoke concierge services. Our friendly advisors cut through the noise, providing genuine and honest guidance that leave a lasting impression on our clients. Our commitment is to simplify the complexities and deliver a reliable service that goes beyond just the cars themselves. BOIT is not just a business but a service born out of our own passion and experience with supercars in India. Our projects, fees, and initiatives all align with our ideology of delivering unmatched service and support.

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Why We Do What We Do

At BOIT, we do what we do because we are passionate about the car culture. During our club drives, we recognized a gap in the market. While there are many great dealerships, workshops and concierges in the country, none of them focus solely on representing the car owner themselves. We set out to provide a hand-held experience where our clients can sit back and see everything happen for them. 

We realized a need to take a comprehensive view on supercar lifestyle management with key attention to financial best practices that enable the next level of living. This means that we are more than just a supercar management service. We’re an advisor that can assist you in evaluating a mod, a private jet subscription or a business expansion project. Our advisory practice is focused purely on UHNI lifestyle management, providing our members a unique network with experience, and an all encompassing service that goes beyond just the world of supercars.

We believe that our services can make a significant difference in the lives of our members by enabling them to focus on what they truly love while we take care of everything else.

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2011 to 2013: 

Aditya Arora  and Akshay Gopal of Bangalore conceived the concept of Element One, a supercar club in India. The club offers members the flexibility to switch between different supercars under a single membership. They secure funding of 250 Cr and develop a well-defined business model. Realizing that the Indian market is not ready for the concept, they put the idea on hold.


Aditya reintroduced the concept of the club during his studies at ISB, Hyderabad. The idea generates tremendous excitement and interest, reigniting the need to revisit it.


Akshay establishes Bizotico, now known as India's premier and largest watch distribution powerhouse.

Aditya takes the initiative to launch BOIT - Business Of Idle Things, initially positioned as a local peer-to-peer car-sharing platform with a global focus on supercar experiences.


The pandemic hits, and travel restrictions force BOIT to strategize once again, and loyal members paved the way for the birth of Boit registry, Bangalore’s fastest growing supercar sales brand.


BOIT Club has evolved organically into a comprehensive supercar lifestyle club, offering its members a unique club experience, and is now continually striving to provide an organized marketplace for every supercar enthusiast. 

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Boit’s Existing Products & Services

Boit Registry - P2P Buying/Selling of Supercars #SupercarsMadeSuperEasy

Boit Concierge - Global reservation and rental desk for restaurants, events, supercars, driving tours, track days, jet charter and yacht charter. #SmallWorld

Boit Imagine - Design Studio equipped with Unreal Engine to animate, render and develop mod ideas for your car, so that you can #SeeItBeforeYouDoIt 

Boit Upgrades - From carbon fiber body kits, to wheels, exhausts, and spare parts, BOIT’s global network of suppliers and vendors offer a quick solution to any problem on the instrument cluster. #SayNoToChristmasTrees

Boit Fleet Advisory - An integrated fleet advisory service that covers anything and everything pertaining to your fleet of classic, vintage and supercars at a fixed monthly cost. #GetRepresented

Boit Lifestyle - online store with merchandise, accessories, collectibles for home and mancaves handpicked from across the globe for anyone that loves cars and quality. #SupercarSuperstore

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Aditya Arora - Founder & CEO
Sandhya Atmaram - Research & Development
Vishal Singh - Sales & Partnership Management
Rishabh Jain - Design and UX
Hrithic Rajpurohit - Studio Management
● Shantanu Arora - Systems Security & Blockchain
Mallikarjun - Operations
Neelam Dogra - Ethics and Values
Deepank Bhandari - Accounts & Statutory Compliances.

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Advisory Board

Bharat Agrawal - Decade plus Supercar collector between India & Dubai.
Xavier Furtado - Decade plus supercar collector in India.
Akshay Gopal - Co-founder and Lifestyle Distribution Expert
Greg Schoner - Automotive Design & Blockchain specialist
Puneet Kinra - Strategic Investments and Corporate Governance
Aditya Narayan - Legal Advisor