In a captivating fusion of luxury and laid-back vibes, the inaugural Supercar Sunday Brunch took Goa by storm in May 2019. Organized by Boit Club, this event brought together supercar collectors, enthusiasts, and aficionados for a one-of-a-kind experience that celebrated both the thrill of high-performance vehicles and the vibrant spirit of Goa.

Set against the backdrop of Goa's stunning landscapes, the event was a true spectacle, where exotic cars roared alongside the crashing waves of the Arabian Sea. The gathering showcased an impressive lineup of luxury automobiles, captivating the attendees with the allure of automotive excellence.

Beyond the cars, the Supercar Sunday Brunch offered a delightful culinary experience that mirrored the coastal charm of Goa. The event's theme resonated with the paradise-like surroundings, creating an ambiance where car enthusiasts and food lovers alike could revel in the celebration of luxury, horsepower, and the ultimate Goan getaway.

As one of the earliest events of its kind in Goa, the Supercar Sunday Brunch left an indelible mark, setting the stage for future gatherings that would continue to unite the worlds of luxury, performance, and the unmistakable charm of Goa.

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