In the heart of Bangalore, a night like no other unfolded on a starry evening in 2019, as the city's supercar culture converged for the iconic Supercar Midnight Run. Organized by Boit Club in collaboration with esteemed partners Ferrari India, Truefitt&Hill, and Oxy99, this event swiftly became the talk of the town, leaving an indelible mark in the annals of the city's supercar culture.

The Supercar Midnight Run was more than just a gathering of high-performance automobiles; it was a celebration of passion, elegance, and philanthropy. Around 20-25 breathtaking supercars, each a work of art on wheels, revved their engines for a noble cause. This unique charity drive was dedicated to supporting 'Rest Of My Family,' a travel-based, not-for-profit, social-work-through-art organization on a mission to spread awareness about the ill-effects of a paradigm built on selfish competition.

The evening commenced at the opulent ITC Gardenia, where participants mingled over coffee and shared their love for these magnificent machines. As the night unfolded, the supercars roared to life, carving through the city streets under the moonlit sky, creating an unforgettable spectacle. The Supercar Midnight Run was a testament to the unity of the supercar community, as enthusiasts, collectors, and admirers came together to make a difference. This event not only left an enduring memory but also illuminated the way forward for combining luxury, performance, and a commitment to a greater good in Bangalore's vibrant supercar culture.

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