Inner Circle X GERCollector

We recently hosted an exclusive event featuring GERCollector and a select group of private supercar owners, marking GERCollector's inaugural event in India. The event began with an elegant dinner at Jaypee Greens Hotel, where attendees had the chance to meet and welcome GERCollector. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as enthusiasts and collectors mingled, sharing their passion for supercars.

The following morning, the thrill continued at Buddh International Circuit. Participants pushed their cars to the limit on the renowned track, experiencing the true power and performance of their vehicles. The track day was complemented by delicious food, beautifully organized by AKUS Burgers, offering a perfect blend of high-speed excitement and culinary delight.

The grand finale of the event was an intimate gathering at The Lodhi's India Accent. This sophisticated setting provided a perfect backdrop for the concluding celebrations, where guests reminisced about the day's highlights and forged new connections. A standout moment was the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, showcasing its Brooke Race Exhaust in full glory, captivating all who witnessed its performance and sound.

Overall, this exclusive event was a celebration of supercar culture, offering a unique blend of luxury, speed, and camaraderie. It was a memorable experience for all involved, setting a high standard for future events and leaving a lasting impression on the supercar community in India.

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