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Cabasse - Stream BASE

Cabasse - Stream BASE

STREAM BASE by Cabasse is a superb high-fidelity compact sound base. It sits right beneath your TV screen (great for those up to 42″ ) enabling you to watch and listen to TV. You can also discover thousands of radio stations and stream your favorite hi-res audio. It’s the perfect sound base for music streaming and a home cinema experience.

Pioneer and specialist of active multi-way Hi-Fi and pro loudspeaker systems for 60 years, Cabasse has designed a stereo solution for STREAM BASE involving a 4-way per channel stereo solution. Active filtering ensures a spectacular sound quality by individually controlling the dome tweeter, the midrange and the low-midrange units of each channel.  In home theater mode, the Cabasse holographic sound processing enlarges the width and the depth of the soundstage, while dialogs remain clear and effects keep on being forceful. The low frequency channel fitted with a long throw 13 cm woofer firing  downwards at 360° brings substance and realism to the special sound effects.


Drivers : 2 x tweeter + 4 x low-mid/midrange + 1 x woofer

Ways : 2 x 10 W + 2 x 15 W + 2 x 15 W + 40 W

Frequency response : 50 – 20 000 Hz

Maximum sound pressure level : 98 dB

Distortion rate and noise

WLAN/LAN : < 0.1%

Bluetooth : < 0,1%

Analog: < 0.1%

Optical < 0.1% THD+N

(THD+N for the 20-20,000 Hz bandwidth

and for 100 mW power output and more)



4 x digital stereo: Bluetooth AptX  – WLAN/LAN
USB –  Dolby Digital Optical S/PDIF 

Input sources

1 x Analog Stereo mini-jack, 4 x Digital Stereo: Bluetooth AptX – Wi-Fi / Ethernet – USB Dolby Digital S / PDIF Optical


WMA (WMA9, CBR, VBR, up to 320 kbps), MP3, PCM (16 bits-44.1kHz, 24 bits-44/48/96 kHz, WAV, AIFF, AIFC, HTTP files), AAC-LC (up to 320 kpbs), ALAC (.m4a), FLAC (16 bits-44.1 kHz, 24 bits – 44/48/96 kH


Dimensions : 8,6 x 65 x 29 cm

Weight : 8,6 kg


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