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Blaze Sports Steering Wheel BAUD001

Blaze Sports Steering Wheel BAUD001

Carbon Fiber

Prefered Vehicle Model: Audi B8.5 Gen

Retrofit Steering Wheels. Uplift the interior of any car with this must have interior upgrade.

What can you customise?

Each car is different and so should be its interiors. Often times with the aging of the car, the interiors start looking dated, and a steering wheel upgrade almost always refreshes the interiors of a car. Putting a smile on your face, each time you get in.

Product quality?

We use State-of-the-art production methods to build robust products. Each product is then hand finished and tested before shipping. Airbags can also be ordered separately, incase the original is not available.

What separates us from others?

The range of customization is wide, from modeling to details, which you can’t think of. Without us, our own factory can control the quality and production environment, respond to production problems in time, and implement the core value of enterprise’s customer service.

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