14 MAY 2023

Supercar Sundae

Just like a good Sundae is the coming together of all things amazing, Boit Club & Sunburn Union come together to spin the supercar community of Bangalore into a new experience. An opporunity to connect and share some laughs while day turns to night.


FEB 2023

Supercar Midnight Run

Boit Club presents the Supercar Midnight Run, a drive to create awareness that plagues our city. An initiative to create excitement and awareness by bringing together the best cars of the world, together in one parade, in our city. The event is a platform to showcase the global standard of roads in the city and put it on the map of international cities as one of the best to live in.



DMC India Tour

Join us as we welcome DMC Luxury, the renowned German brand specializing in supercar modifications and upgrades, to India in an exclusive collaboration with Boit. Prepare for an extraordinary experience as we bring together the best of automotive luxury and innovation. Witness firsthand the transformative power of DMC's upgrades, enhancing the performance and aesthetics of these extraordinary machines. Indulge in the thrill of mingling with fellow supercar enthusiasts, forging new connections, and celebrating the passion that unites us all.